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With an unmatched track record going back to 1987, our management team understands every aspect of running a successful retirement village.

Professional Management of Helderberg Village and Finances

Professional Management of Helderberg Village and Finances over the last 30 years, we’ve managed to maintain a 100% financially stable and sound development. Completely debt-free, our established and experienced management team have helped us create the perfect investment opportunity for our residents.

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Helderberg Village Facts & Figures

  • Helderberg Village has systems in place that stabilise levies over the longer term and reduce the prospect of substantial increases and special levies being raised
  • The levy is subsidised by a 25% plough back of the net enhanced value achieved on the sale of each home (in other words, the difference between what you originally paid for your home versus market selling price you achieve today). This ensures a constant and considerable flow of monies into our Levy Stabilisation Fund.
  • The Village is managed by the Homeowners’ Association and supported by a professional Management team
  • The Directors (who are homeowners elected and appointed by the residents) include many retired business executives